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Understanding Lawn Crypts

Maybe you have heard the term “lawn crypt” offered as a burial option, but you are not familiar with the concept. In this article, we will discover that lawn crypts can maximize space, will require less manual labor, and offer other benefits to you and your family.  What Is a Lawn Crypt? Lawn crypts are […]

Cremation Caskets – Complete Guide

If you’re wondering, “Why is a casket needed when it’s going to be cremated?“, we have the answer for you. We will cover the options: cremation container, rental casket, or traditional burial casket. You’ll learn the most affordable method and how to make the best choice. Note: In this article, we use the word “casket” […]

Headstone Cost – Complete Guide

The right headstone can be a substantial expense. During a time of loss, you might be overwhelmed with emotion. That’s a hard time to focus on making sound financial decisions. We hope this guide will help remove the stress from choosing the best headstone for your loved one. What Is a Headstone? A headstone is […]

Copper & Bronze Caskets

To find the best choice for your loved one’s final resting place, consider the strongest materials available. Copper and bronze caskets are among the highest quality caskets on the market. Made of semi-precious metals, these caskets are beautiful, non-corrosive, and highly durable. If you want a casket that is not only timeless and elegant but […]