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Coffin Vs Casket – The Real Answer

No need to waste time, we’ll get right into it. Prepare to learn the differences and similarities between caskets and coffins. in Valhalla What’s the Difference Between Caskets & Coffins? The short answer is the shape: caskets are rectangular and coffins are hexagonal. Caskets have been more common in the US since the mid 19th […]

Barn Wood Caskets – Complete Guide + How To Build Your Own

Most traditional caskets are mass-produced these days. But there are affordable casket options that are carefully handcrafted and also eco-friendly.  Barnwood caskets fit into this category. These alternative caskets may be suitable for your loved one if you prefer a casket with a rustic and simple style.  Note: The words “casket” and “coffin” are often […]

Casket Weights – Complete Guide for All Types & Size

One of the important things to consider in buying a casket is the weight. It determines how many persons are needed to carry the casket (called pallbearers) and it determines how much weight it can hold.  Note: Caskets and coffins mean different things. How Much Does a Casket Weigh?  The average casket weight is about 200 pounds. It […]

Complete Guide to Mausoleum Construction

A specially constructed mausoleum can be a work of art. Many families choose to build mausoleums to create a unique tribute for their loved ones. It allows for unlimited customization and for family members to be entombed together. In this article, you will learn the complete development process of mausoleum construction. It is intended for […]

Parts of A Casket – Complete Guide + Study Resources

Whether you are a mortuary student studying casket parts or just someone curious, this article will help you learn every part of a casket and understand their specific function. What Are the Different Parts of a Casket? Arm – The arm is a part of the casket handle that attaches the handlebar to the lug […]