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Casket Blankets – Complete Guide + Ideas


A casket blanket is one of the most beautiful floral arrangements used to adorn a casket.

Covering your loved one with a blanket of flowers radiates love and care, which helps bring about a positive atmosphere to a funeral service.

What Are Casket Blankets?

A casket blanket is simply a blanket of flowers that is draped over the entire casket or the lower half of an open casket. They are simply constructed using a piece of fabric such as burlap for the base. Fresh flowers are then attached using wire and floral adhesive to create the shape of a blanket.

In contrast to a casket spray a blanket covers more of the casket, and is literally draped over the top. Usually they are large enough to cover all sides of the casket and sometimes flow all the way down to the floor.

Casket Blanket Costs

In general, casket blankets will cost more than casket sprays simply because they are larger. While some casket sprays are priced under $100, you’ll struggle to find a blanket in that same range. Expect to pay $150 or higher.

We provide links throughout this article to casket blanket listings with live prices so you can get a sense of the the range.

What Are Flower Blankets Used For?

A casket blanket is largely used for aesthetic purposes. There are many options of flower arrangements that you can put on top of a casket, and a casket blanket is just one of them. Other options include wreaths, stands, etc.

The practice of placing a flower design on the casket began millennia ago. It is simply a way of offering respect to the deceased. Flowers are a beautiful, elegant way to symbolize life, to honor the memories of the person that will be well-remembered after passing.

Casket blankets resemble funeral palls used in Christian funerals. A pall is a large cloth that covers the casket during the liturgy.

A pall … placed over the body when it is received at the church [is a] reminder of the baptismal garment of the deceased … a sign of the Christian dignity of the person. The use of the pall also signifies that all are equal in the eyes of God.

The Order of Christian Funerals

The funeral pall has a special meaning in Christian funerals.

Florists might have gained inspiration from their use to make a floral version of the covering. While a pall is traditionally a piece of cloth that covers the casket at funerals, a casket blanket is more unique and elegant in style.

Which Type of Casket is Best for a Flower Blanket?

Casket blankets are best used on fully closed caskets. The blanket will cover most or all the top of the casket and drape over the sides. In this case, full-couch caskets that remain closed during the service are well-suited for casket blankets.

Casket blankets are most commonly used in closed casket services, but can also be used in open casket viewings.

For a half-couch casket used for an open viewing, you simply drape the casket blanket over the enclosed portion (bottom). It will appear that the casket blanket is keeping the deceased warm with a blanket of flowers from the waist down.

Half-couch blankets are less common than full couch funeral blankets. If you purchase one, make sure the supplier knows to make a smaller version so the flower blanket isn’t too long.

Flower Blanket Arrangements

Casket Blankets For Mom

Casket blankets meant for mothers are best with feminine colors and design. This pink casket blanket called “Her Blanket of Love” is from From You Flowers. It is made of roses, alstroemeria, orchids, gladiolus, mums, asters, carnations, heather, and lilies. The design captures motherly love, and the colors symbolize the compassionate and nurturing side of mothers.

Casket Blankets For Dad

This white casket blanket from Designs by Gail Floral  is made of gerbera daisies, calla lilies, and anthurium. This is suitable to be dedicated to fathers. White symbolizes peace and spirituality. This white casket blanket captures the strength and goodness of fathers.

Casket Blankets For A Child

Small White Casket Blanket for Child
Source: Bloom Nation

A white casket blanket is also fit for a child because it symbolizes youth, innocence, and purity.

This casket blanket is made of white chrysanthemums, roses, double lisianthus, Bells of Ireland, ivy, sword fern, and a variety of lush greens. This white casket blanket from Bloom Nation serves as a gentle hug for a young loved one.

Religious Flower Blankets

Casket blankets are easy to customize. One way is to display your religious beliefs. You can design a blanket that incorporates symbols to add meaning. For example, this religious casket blanket features red flowers in the shape of cross contrasting a bed of white flowers.

Religious Full Couch Casket Blanket
Source: Pinterest

Patriotic Flower Blankets

patriotic casket blanket portraying the American flag, in red, white, and blue honors the dedication of veterans in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps.

This patriotic casket blanket from Wright Flower Company is commonly dedicated to those who served in the military.

Unique Options

A casket blanket is not always made of flowers. This unique casket blanket from Flowers by Pouparina is made of salal leaves, ferns, and buttons.

This is a more subtle option for anyone with an aversion to flowers.

Custom Design

Flower designs leave a lot of room for creativity. You are really only limited by imagination.

If you have a personal design in mind to honor your loved one, odds are, it can be made.

For example, this custom casket blanket from Lemon Leaf Florist was made in Kentucky Derby style.

Be advised, custom orders can add to the lead time.


What is a casket blanket?

A casket blanket is a blanket of flowers draped over the top of the casket. It can be placed on the entire casket (for closed casket viewings) or draped over the bottom portion only (for open casket viewings with a half-couch casket).

How is a casket blanket made?

It is constructed by attaching flowers to a piece of fabric, such as burlap. Fresh flowers and/or foliage are often attached to the cloth using floral adhesive or wires.

Can I use a casket blanket in a half-couch casket?

Yes. Casket blankets are often used for closed caskets, but they can also be used in half couch caskets for open viewings. You can just drape the casket blanket over the bottom portion of the casket.


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