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Scattering Ashes – What You Need To Know

One popular option for final disposal is the scattering of ashes. It could be on land, water, air or at some significant public space, but there are guidelines and sometimes even restrictions to consider. In this article, we offer several options for scattering ashes, the laws you need to be aware of, as well as […]

Burying Cremains (Cremated Remains) – Complete Guide

Many people choose to scatter ashes (cremains). But another common option for the final disposition of your loved one’s cremated remains is burial. Urns can be interred underground just like caskets. Cremains is a word that has evolved from the combination of ‘cremated’ and ‘remains’ and refers to the residual matter left after cremation. Burial […]

Casket Sizes – Complete Guide to Interior and Exterior Dimensions

Before the mass production of caskets, caskets were usually custom-built to the dimensions of the deceased. Now, almost all traditional caskets come in three main sizes: standard, oversized, and child casket. Note: Though the words “casket” and “coffin” are often used interchangeably, they actually mean two different things. We will will not use the word […]