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White Caskets – Best Options Reviewed & Rated


If you want a white casket for your loved one, but you feel overwhelmed about where to start, this article is meant for you. With four different companies and caskets reviewed, we hope this information helps make your search a little easier.

We use the word “casket” and not “coffin” in this article. While often used interchangeably, they mean two very different things.

Where’s the Best Place to Buy a White Casket?

Your best option is to purchase online.

While funeral homes and other casket retailers offer various selections, options for white caskets are seldom available. White is not a conventional color for a casket, so sellers focus on the more common choices. For metal caskets, darker colors like blue are more popular. And wood caskets are most often stained to enhance the natural wood grain.

In this review, we shortlisted four online retailers that offer white caskets and ranked them according to a variety of factors, including cost, accessibility, design, selection and customization. They are:

  1. Trusted Caskets
  2. Titan Casket
  3. Overnight Caskets
  4. Fast Caskets

These online retailers offer similar quality caskets that you will find offered directly from funeral homes. But the online sellers are able to offer a larger variety and lower prices because of less overhead costs.


Each of these online retailers has a free shipping service included in the price. Some have faster delivery times than others, which we discuss below.


All caskets listed have 20-gauge steel construction and are in available in standard sizes. We recommend 20 gauge over 18 gauge. (18 gauge is thicker and more expensive, but extra strength serves no practical purpose.)


All caskets are half couch as well, which is more popular than full couch—especially for steel caskets.

Gasketed Metal Caskets

The gasket is what allows a metal casket to be hermetically sealed (airtight). Our top three choices have gaskets while the final does not. Wooden caskets do not have gaskets—in fact, wood caskets cannot have gaskets—which is why this isn’t a problem. Gaskets increase the lifetime of the casket and protect the entombed corpse from dirt, water, etc.

It is a factor, however, and something to be aware of. Any deceased human body must be in an airtight container (either a gasket casket or a Ziegler case) to be transported across certain borders and internationally.

Casket Sizes

All caskets listed are considered standard size, though that varies between manufacturers. If you’re uncertain what size you need, read our comprehensive guide to casket sizes.

Trusted Caskets – Howard White Casket

This casket offers the cheapest price among the four reviewed. It has a glossy white finish and a white crepe interior. The added details of golden sculpted hardware and handlebar complement the white exterior of the casket.

Trusted Casket’s standard ground shipping takes only 1 to 2 days. If you need the casket immediately, they can fast track the shipping time to most major cities in the US.

This white casket only costs $840, making it the best deal among the top four selections.

Howard White - Trusted Caskets
Source: Trusted Caskets
  • Cheapest Price
  • Fast Shipping
  • None
Exterior Dimensions83″ x 28″
Interior Dimensions79″ x 24″
Weight200 lb.

Titan Casket – White and Gold Steel Casket

This white casket is another excellent option. It has a similar build and interior as the first casket reviewed. This also features all-golden hardware, including its stationary handlebar.

What sets it apart from the other online retailers is that Titan Casket offers the option to personalize the head panel. Their website is also easy to navigate and features live chat support that can be extremely helpful if you need immediate assistance when buying.

Titan Casket can dispatch the casket with the shipping company on the same day that the order is placed. The overall delivery time for ground shipping takes 2 to 6 days but they can expedite it for a fee.

This white and gold casket only costs $999.00.

White Casket from Titan Casket
Source: Titan Casket
  • Website is easy to access with live chat support
  • Head panel can be personalized
  • 2 to 6 Day delivery time
Exterior Dimensions83″ x 28″
Interior Dimensions79″ x 24″
Weight180 lb.

Overnight Caskets – Imperial White Casket

If you would like a white casket that features more detailed hardware, this is your best option.

The craftsmanship and detail of the gold hardware is more ornate than the first two options mentioned. Also, it features a black swing handlebar that complements the golden tones of the hardware and the white backdrop of the casket.

Similar to Titan Casket, the website of Overnight Casket also has live chat support that can help you with immediate questions and concerns when placing an order. However, we find Titan Casket and Trusted Casket’s websites easier to navigate.

Overnight Casket offers delivery within 1 to 3 days. If you need the casket much sooner, they also offer an expedited shipping service.

This white casket costs $949.00.

White Casket from Overnight Caskets
Source: Overnight Caskets
  • More detailed hardware
  • Website features live chat support
  • Not the cheapest option
Exterior Dimensions81″ x 28″
Interior Dimensions79″ x 23.5″
Weight200 lb.

Fast Caskets – Heritage White Casket

This casket is a solid alternative to the top three. It still delivers with its overall build and simple appearance.

What sets this casket apart from the others is its silver hardware. If you are not a fan of gold details and you would prefer a simpler design, this white casket is a good option. However, among the four caskets reviewed, this is the only one that does not include a rubber gasket.

Fast Caskets offer air shipping. Their standard delivery time is only 1 to 2 days. If you need the casket urgently or would prefer to have it shipped via air, you can get this option.

This white casket with silver hardware costs $1,195.

White Casket from Fast Caskets
Source: Fast Caskets
  • Air Shipping
  • Simplest design
  • Most expensive on the list
  • No rubber gasket
Exterior Dimensions83″ x 28″
Interior Dimensions79″ x 24″
Weight180 lb.

The standard delivery time stated above varies depending on your location, as well as other conditions such as weather. We recommend checking with the supplier to verify that they deliver to your state or region.

Buying Reminders

Most casket purchases involve a phone call to confirm the delivery time, location, and other order details—this is a big purchase, after all.

Always remember the FTC’s Funeral Rule that guarantees your right to purchase a casket not sold by your funeral home. Your funeral provider cannot refuse any casket purchased elsewhere and they cannot charge you a fee for doing so or receiving it.


What does a white casket mean?

Usually, the color white signifies purity and rebirth; similar interpretations are associated with white caskets. If the concept of light and new beginnings reflects the deceased personality, a white casket is certainly an appropriate choice.

What is the best white casket?

The best white casket value you can find online is Trusted Casket’s Stanford White Casket with White Interior. The overall build, appearance, and interiors are similar to other white caskets available in the online market but this option is the cheapest at $840. Its standard delivery time is also impressive at 1 to 2 days (shipping price included).

How much is a white casket?

A white casket purchased from online sellers ranges from $840 to $1,195 and can go higher depending on style, design, size, and retailers. Usually, you can get the cheapest prices when you buy online. The quality of caskets available online is on par with those sold in funeral homes.


Thanks for reading! We hope you find this helpful. If you have suggestions or feedback, send us an email at info@in-valhalla.com.