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Cremation Caskets – Complete Guide

If you’re wondering, “Why is a casket needed when it’s going to be cremated?“, we have the answer for you. We will cover the options: cremation container, rental casket, or traditional burial casket. You’ll learn the most affordable method and how to make the best choice. Note: In this article, we use the word “casket” […]

Green Cremation – What is it? Why Should I Consider it?

Green cremation is a modern way to perform cremation—and it is gaining popularity. It is similar to traditional cremation, reducing human remains to ashes and bone fragments. The difference is, green cremation does not use a flame. Read more to find out how the process works, environmental benefits, and why it might be the best […]

Cremation – Services & Funerals

Whether final disposition is burial or cremation, there are many different types of service to honor your loved one. In this article, we will discuss typical service arrangements before and after cremation. Read more to see which type of service works best for you and your loved one. Cremation Services – on the Rise According […]

Burying Cremains (Cremated Remains) – Complete Guide

Many people choose to scatter ashes (cremains). But another common option for the final disposition of your loved one’s cremated remains is burial. Urns can be interred underground just like caskets. Cremains is a word that has evolved from the combination of ‘cremated’ and ‘remains’ and refers to the residual matter left after cremation. Burial […]