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Blue Caskets – Best Options Reviewed & Rated


Caskets come in all different colors, but perhaps one of the most elegant forms is a blue casket.

We’ll use the word “casket” and not “coffin” in this article. While they are often used interchangeably, the have different meanings.

Where’s the Best Place to Buy a Blue Casket?

The best place to shop for a blue casket is online.

You don’t need to read through the lengthy catalogs of funeral homes or scour for local casket sellers anymore. Online casket retailers offer a wide selection and often more affordable prices.

We carefully selected the four best blue caskets available. They are available at the following online retailers:

  1. Titan Casket
  2. Trusted Caskets
  3. Fast Caskets
  4. Overnight Caskets

These online casket sellers offer the same quality coffins you get from funeral directors at much more affordable prices.

All caskets we recommend already have free shipping included in the price. These caskets are standard size. Read our full guide to casket sizes if you think you may need a different size.

Titan Casket’s Dark Blue Casket with Light Blue Interior

Made of 20 gauge steel, this casket features intricately sculpted hardware with a high-gloss dark blue finish. The light blue crepe interior is soft to touch and matches the outside appearance of the casket.

This casket is also customizable—a feature that isn’t available in other online retailers. If you want a different embroidery design on the head panel, you can choose from 150+ selections for an additional $100.

After you order, the casket will be ready for pick up or shipping within one business day. Overall delivery time takes 2-6 days. Titan Casket only offers ground shipping but they can expedite it for an additional fee.

This elegant casket with a sunburst head panel design costs $999.00. It is our first choice for blue caskets.

Source: Titan Casket
  • Rubber Gasket
  • Larger Sizes Available
  • Customizable Head Panel
  • No Air Freight Service
Exterior Dimensions81″ x 28″
Interior Dimensions79″ x 24″
Weight180 lb.

Trusted Caskets – Metal Casket in Blue Finish with Light Blue Interior

This casket has a glossy blue finish matched with a light-blue soft interior. The details of the golden swing bar handle add elegance to the overall appearance.

If you want more detailed hardware, or generally a casket that looks high-end, this is an ideal choice.

Trusted Caskets offers standard 1-2 days ground shipping. If you need the casket immediately, they can expedite the shipping to most major cities in the US.

This blue casket with golden details costs $1,099.99.

Source: Trusted Caskets
  • 1-2 days shipping
  • Rubber Gasket
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Jewel-Toned Swing Bar Handle
  • Head Panel Not Customizable
Exterior Dimensions81″ x 28″
Interior Dimensions79″ x 24″
Weight200 lb.

Fast Caskets – Sky Blue with “Going Home” Head Panel

If you’re not a fan of dark blue and you’re looking for something with a lighter shade, this sky blue casket is a good alternative.

It also has a soft blue crepe interior like the previously mentioned caskets. The head panel is embroidered with the words “Going Home”, adding a personal and sentimental touch to the coffin.

One thing that sets this option apart, is that Fast Caskets offer air shipping, making the standard delivery time take only 1-2 days.

You can get this light blue casket for only $1,195.00.

Source: Fast Caskets
  • 1-2 Days Air Shipping
  • Rubber Gasket Seal
  • Head Panel Not Customizable
Exterior Dimensions81″ x 28″
Interior Dimensions79″ x 24″
Weight200 lb.

Overnight Caskets – Lincoln Spruce Blue Casket with White Velvet Interior

Another alternative to crepe interiors – this choice offers a plush throw and pillow. This completes the rich blue color with a more luxurious fabric.

Aside from the sophisticated two-toned finish, the beautiful white velvet interior in French fold design is well-appointed. It’s the priciest on the list but the cost is justified considering the well-made details of this high-quality casket.

This can arrive at your funeral home within 1-3 days. If you need it much sooner, Overnight Caskets also offer an expedited shipping service.

Get this quality casket for a price of $1,199.99.

Source: Overnight Caskets
  • 1-3 Days Shipping
  • Rubber Gasket Seal
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Swing Bar Handle
  • Priciest among the list
Exterior Dimensions81″ x 28″
Interior Dimensions79″ x 23.5″
Weight200 lb.

Take note that standard delivery time can vary depending on your location. Also, check with the online shop if they can deliver to your state.

Buying Reminders

Take note that the FTC’s Funeral Rule guarantees that a funeral home must not refuse or charge you a fee for using a casket you bought elsewhere. They also cannot require you to be present upon deliver of the casket to the funeral home.


What’s the best blue casket?

We recommend the Dark Blue Casket with Light Blue Interior by Titan Casket. It’s the least expensive from our list and offers the best value for money in terms of well-made hardware and impressive design. Plus, they have a modern website, and reliable customer service. blue casket from Titan Casket

Why are some caskets blue?

Simply because it’s an elegant color for a casket! A lot of casket manufacturers offer full selections available in all colors. Caskets choices are not limited to just brown, silver, or bronze. There are a lot of popular color choices to choose from and one most popular is blue.

Is a blue casket more expensive than other caskets?

Usually, no. Caskets made from similar material will share similar price points. Customized detail choices could add to the cost but color, in general, will not.

What type of casket is available in color blue?

Most often, metal caskets are available in blue (or any color). Wood caskets are usually finished in natural color stains.


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