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Understanding Lawn Crypts


Maybe you have heard the term “lawn crypt” offered as a burial option, but you are not familiar with the concept.

In this article, we will discover that lawn crypts can maximize space, will require less manual labor, and offer other benefits to you and your family. 

What Is a Lawn Crypt?

Lawn Cemetery

Lawn crypts are pre-made underground vaults made of reinforced concrete and steel for the purpose of protecting caskets. Lawn crypts keep the caskets clean and dry—and perform like an underground mausoleum. Prices begin around $1,500 and increase from there. 

The lawn crypt option strikes a balance between traditional burial and entombment in a mausoleum. They allow for the burial of a casket while being placed inside a crypt—effectively burying the crypt. More than one casket can be buried in the same vault; most often two are stacked vertically.

In a sense, lawn crypts are underground mausoleums. They are sometimes called in-ground mausoluems.

Compared with other types of burial liners, lawn crypts is more substantial and fully constructed. They are made of strong materials such as steel and concrete that prevent the ground from collapsing in case the Earth shifts or heavy equipment travels over the burial plot. 

They will requires deeper excavation than a conventional grave because a lawn crypt is twice the height of a single vault. Hence, they are also referred to as double depth graves. Lawn crypts can accommodate two caskets, making it suitable for couples who want to share the same final resting place.

An above ground lawn crypt is really just an above ground crypt. Think of it as a mausoleum, but one you cannot enter.

Advantages of Lawn Crypts


With lawn crypts, you avoid problems typically associated with traditional burials such as cave-ins and large boulders. And there will be no need to drill adjacent burial sites to make room for a new one. 

The lawn crypt is pre-installed, which makes the interment much easier. It will require less time for excavation and less manual labor.

Lawn crypts also maximize the available space in the cemetery because each crypt can hold two or more interments.

Clean and Dry

One key difference between traditional burials and lawn crypts is that the crypts have built-in drainage so they stay clean and dry. 

As opposed to burial, rainwater or snow that seeps through the ground will not fill up inside the crypt. The drainage prevents the build-up of water. In conventional burial, gasketed caskets are used to protect the body from environmental forces like water, but they don’t last forever.

Multiple Burials

In addition to double depth sizes, some lawn crypts are large enough to hold 6 to 12 caskets. This is a practical choice for families who want to be interred in the same burial plot.

While lawn crypts usually hold couples and family members, they can also be shared among strangers. The shared cost makes an economical choice.

Lawn crypts with multiple depths became popular among high-density areas where people do not resist the interment of caskets one over the other. One downside of lawn crypts is that interments are listed on a common marker placed on top of the crypt. Double headstones pair well with lawn crypts so that multiple names can be displayed.

If a family chooses a lawn crypt, they may need to waive the possibility of disinterment in the future, since doing so will be extremely difficult.

How Are Lawn Crypts Installed & Constructed?

Lawn crypts are pre-installed at a burial plot before any interment. 

Construction starts with the cemetery excavating several sections that are deeper than a normal grave. They then install infrastructure to provide drainage that keeps the burial site dry.

After this, they install the lawn crypts either side by side or in multiple depths and then backfill it with gravel and dirt. 

The crypts remain buried under the ground covered with soil and turf until an interment takes place.

When a casket is interred, the cemetery staff will remove the turf and soil on top of the crypt to expose the lid and then lift it to lower the casket. After the burial, the soil and turf are replaced.

How Much Does a Lawn Crypt Cost?

The price for lawn crypt ranges from $1,500 to $12,000 or more. The actual cost will depend on the capacity of the lawn crypt and the location of the burial plot.

The lawn crypt price usually includes the cost of the burial (land). In this case, you won’t need to worry about paying more money since you are essentially getting a grave space and a vault in one purchase.

Considerations When Buying

Before buying a lawn crypt, inquire about what’s included in the cost. Ask whether the burial plot and interment fees are already included in the quoted price. 

Also, ask about any restrictions from the cemetery regarding headstones and flowers. Check with the staff regarding perpetual care and whether the fees are recurring or one-time only. 

How the Need for Lawn Crypts Evolved

Full ledger grave on a Lawn

Cemeteries started to consider using a lawn crypt because they save and maximize available burial space. They are also practical because they can withstand different climate and soil conditions such as flooding and soil erosion. Another benefit was that it eliminated the need to use a separate grave liner or burial vault.

At first, cemetery owners were hesitant about to offer lawn crypts because they require a large amount of capital expense upfront. It also increased pressure to sell the gravesites on a pre-need basis.

In the long run, lawn crypts are proven to be practical and economical options not just for the cemetery owners, but for families as well.


What is a lawn crypt?

A lawn crypt is an underground vault made of reinforced concrete and steel. It is pre-installed in cemeteries, so it requires less time and manual labor than traditional burials during interment.

Are lawn crypts safe?

Yes. Lawn crypts are solidly constructed to withstand difficult weather and soil condition such as flooding and soil erosion.

How much is a lawn crypt?

The costs range from $1,500 to $12,000 or more, depending on the capacity of the lawn crypt and the location of the burial plot. The advantage of opting for lawn crypts is that you’re essentially getting a grave space and vault in a single purchase.

How do lawn crypts work?

Lawn crypts are pre-installed in the ground and will remain there prior to any interment. During burial, the lid will simply be lifted and then the casket is lowered. After the interment, the crypt will be closed and then soil and turf will cover the surface area.

How much space does a lawn crypt take?

It depends on the capacity of the crypt, but lawn crypts take wider and deeper spaces than traditional burial plots because one can hold two or more caskets. Usually, lawn crypts are constructed as double depth and can house two caskets.

Can I be buried with my family in a lawn crypt?

Yes. Lawn crypts are suitable for couples and families because they hold multiple interments in a single burial plot. If you want to inter two or more persons in one lawn crypt, speak directly with the cemetery about what they can offer.


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