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Funeral Wreaths


When a loved one dies, it is a common tradition to send flowers to the bereaved family. It can be a heartfelt way to offer sympathies and pass on your condolences. 

One of the best flower arrangements you can give to a grieving family is a funeral wreath. It is a beautiful and elegant tribute to a loved one. 

Funeral wreaths come in a wide range of options. To help you decide what type, size, color, and style to choose we summarized the most important things to consider when buying a funeral wreath.

What Is a Funeral Wreath?

A funeral wreath is a prominent flower arrangement with a ring shape. The circular design is said to represent the symbol of eternal life or the cycle of life and death. Funeral wreaths also symbolize the continuation of life and love. 

The flowers in a funeral wreath are usually attached to a foam base with water that keeps them hydrated. Funeral wreaths can last only a few days or up to two weeks depending on the types of flowers.

Funeral Wreath Sizes

Funeral wreaths are usually large and prominent in size. They are usually displayed on an easel and easily recognizable during a funeral service. Other large flower arrangements used in funeral services are casket sprays, hearts, crosses, and funeral baskets.

The size of a wreath usually ranges from 22 inches to up to 40 inches or more in diameter. 

Funeral wreaths are usually offered in small or large. Most of the time, the size varies by only a few inches but larger funeral wreaths will feature more varieties of flowers. 

The size of funeral wreaths is usually measured in diameter. Diameter measures the distance from one end of the funeral wreath to the other.

When buying a funeral wreath, especially online, make sure to check the size on the product description. If you plan for the wreath to be present during the service or wake, knowing the size will be useful for planning.

How Much Does a Funeral Wreath Cost?

The average cost of a funeral wreath usually falls between $100 to $400 or more. 

There are cheap options priced from $55 to $87. These funeral wreaths will be small and won’t feature as many blooms as wreaths priced above $100. 

The difference in price between small and large for the same type of memorial wreath is generally $50. So if a small funeral wreath costs $175, the large option will cost $225. 

Some flower stores offer regular, deluxe, and premium options. The latter options are designed with more varieties of flowers, have a fuller look, and are larger overall. The pricier options are also often presented in a more elaborate container. The difference in price between regular, premium, and deluxe options will be $50 to $100.

The price of a memorial wreath also varies depending on the type of flower used. Flowers that are in-season and readily available may be cheaper than others. 

Funeral wreaths require time, labor and expertise to create. They can be more complicated to arrange than any other type of flower arrangement. An elaborate wreath can be one of the most luxurious flower decorations at the funeral service, alongside casket sprays and casket blankets.

Choosing a Funeral Wreath

If you’d like inspiration choosing a wreath, we recommend speaking to the person organizing the funeral. The family and funeral director may have a dedicated style or color scheme in mind. Being aware of their preferred choices will help you choose an appropriate arrangement.

Once you decide on color, it is time to think about the kind of flowers you want. You should consider the favorite flowers of the deceased. You might also be inspired to choose a certain variety of flower based on the meanings associated with them. 

Some of the most popular choices are roses and daisies because of their longevity. Other common choices are carnations, and lilies, which signify sympathy and the innocence of the person who died.

Traditional funeral wreaths use chrysanthemums and carnations as their base because they are accessible and affordable. 

Customized Funeral Wreaths

Funeral wreaths can be personalized. If you have a specific idea in mind about what color, style, or type of flowers you want for the funeral wreath, you can request a florist to customize one for you. If you are sending the funeral wreath to a family or a close friend, the florist can also arrange it with a message of condolences.

The funeral wreath can be sent directly to the funeral home, church, or crematorium. It can also be delivered to a gravesite to display near the headstone

Where to Buy a Funeral Wreath

A convenient way to buy a funeral wreath is to purchase online. Many flower stores offer nationwide delivery services that can deliver within 24 hours of ordering.

Two of the best flower companies online are FTD and 1-800 Flowers. Both companies offer same-day and international delivery. We also recommend From You Flowers and Florist One, but they have limited funeral wreath options.

The passing of a person can be sudden and unexpected. Because funeral wreaths are common for wakes, services, and memorials, often there is a tight deadline. If you are unable to visit a florist in person, simply browse through the websites of  FTD and 1-800 Flowers, choose from their beautiful selections, and place your order. 

Purchasing online is also the best option if you cannot attend the service and want to offer a funeral wreath as condolences to the grieving family.

Funeral Wreath Designs

Here are some ideas for funeral wreaths.

White Funeral Wreath

It is common to use white flowers for funerals because the color white is usually associated with goodness, humility, optimism, and light. White is also an appropriate color.

This white funeral wreath by FTD features white carnations, daisies, roses, and stock flowers. This simple and elegant funeral wreath measures 26 inches in diameter. It is suitable to give to any loved one, whether it be a family member, close friend, or co-worker. 

Pink Funeral Wreath

Funeral wreaths with pink and white blooms are most appropriate for mothers, sisters, and female close friends. The color pink in funeral flowers symbolizes remembrance, admiration, appreciation, elegance, grace, and love.

This color is suitable for the funerals of women and children. Pink is considered a feminine color, though we discourage color gender stereotyping. Pink flowers go well with white blooms, making it a graceful style for a funeral wreath. 

This pink funeral wreath from 1-800 Flowers is a beautiful offering to honor a loved one. It is made of pink roses and carnations. The white flowers are a football mum and daisy poms. It is accented with baby’s breath and beautiful greenery.

Blue Funeral Wreath

Blue flowers are commonly used in funerals for men. A blue funeral wreath is also suitable when the deceased’s favorite color is blue. The blue color in funeral flowers represents sadness, peace, and serenity. It is a calming color for funeral services. 

Serene Blessings™ Standing Funeral Wreath
Serene Blessings™ Standing Wreath – Blue and White from 1-1800 Flowers

This blue funeral wreath from 1-800 Flowers is a standing wreath arrangement made of white roses, football mums, and carnations. The contrasting blue flowers are delphiniums. It is accented with baby’s breath, beautiful assorted greenery, and a dainty blue ribbon. 

Colorful Funeral Wreath

Memorial wreaths do not always have to be white. A wreath arrangement can also be made of colorful flowers that add some lightness and positivity to the solemn atmosphere of a funeral. Funeral wreaths can also feature bright hues such as yellow, pink, orange, and lavender colors. 

Serene Blessings™ Standing Wreath - Bright
Serene Blessings™ Standing Wreath – Bright from 1-800 Flowers

This bright and colorful funeral wreath from 1-800 Flowers features a wide selection of flowers. It is made of springtime colors and lush blooms. It has red roses and carnations; orange Asiatic lilies and mini carnations; yellow roses and spider mums; hot pink roses; pink Gerbera daisies; purple Peruvian lilies (alstroemeria), statice and monte casino. The bright wreath is accented with beautiful greenery. This is a bright tribute for a funeral or memorial service.

Heart Funeral Wreaths

A heart-shaped funeral wreath is a unique tribute to show your love and care for the grieving family. It is usually made of red, pink, and white flowers to enhance the feeling of love that it represents.

This pink and white heart-shaped funeral wreath from 1-800 Flowers is made of pink roses, Matsumoto asters, and carnations. The white flowers are football mums, stocks, and monte casinos. It is further designed by adding baby’s breath, some greenery, and a blush pink satin ribbon. 

If you prefer radiant red blooms, you can get this red heart-shaped funeral wreath from the same company. The all-red flowers are roses, spray roses, Gerbera daisies, carnations, mini carnations, and hypericum. 

Cross Funeral Wreath

Funeral wreaths with a cross shape represent faith and spirituality. This is a good tribute for religious families to let them know that you are praying for the deceased. Cross-shaped funeral wreaths are often made of white flowers accented with lush greenery.

This cross funeral wreath from 1-800 Flowers features a bed of white mums and roses shaped in a cross. It has a soft baby’s breath and lush greenery as accents. This funeral wreath measures about 42 inches high and 28 inches long. 

Where to Place a Funeral Wreath

  • Funeral wreaths are often mounted on a standing easel and placed near or beside the casket to represent respect.
  • Memorial wreaths may also be placed beside the urn or a picture frame of the deceased in a memorial service following the cremation. 
  • After the service, the funeral wreath can be used as an adornment for the grave. Grieving families traditionally display a wreath at the door of their home after the funeral to signify that they are mourning the loss of their loved one.

Reminders for Sending a Funeral Wreath

If you are sending a funeral wreath as sympathy for the bereaved family, here are some important tips that you can take note of:

  1. Include a personal note or message. You can write kind words offering your sympathy to the family. You can even send a funeral poem to express your emotions and to let the family know that they are not alone. Make the note comforting and personal.
  2. Send the funeral wreath to the funeral home. When delivering a funeral wreath, send it to the place where the funeral service will be held, and not to the home address of the grieving family. Large funeral arrangements such as funeral wreaths are only appropriate for funeral homes, churches, and gravesites.
  3. Make sure that the funeral wreath arrives in time for the service. The funeral wreath will be placed near or beside the casket. Double-check delivery times to make sure they can make the service.


Where do I send funeral wreaths? 

In general, send the funeral wreath directly to the funeral home, church, or wherever the funeral service will be held. The second option is to send it to the home address of the bereaved. But large flower arrangements such as funeral wreaths are most appropriate for funeral homes, churches, and gravesites.

How much should I spend on funeral wreaths?

Most funeral wreaths cost between $100 and $400 or even more. If you prefer the cheaper options, you can get one priced from $60 to $90. Prepare to pay more if you want your funeral wreath to have a variety of flowers and be in a larger size. 

Are wreaths only used for funerals?

No, wreaths are not used for funerals only. Wreaths are commonly used as household ornaments, typically during the Advent and Christmas seasons. In other cultures, wreaths are used in ceremonial events. 

Where is a funeral wreath placed?

Funeral wreaths are often placed near or beside the casket during a funeral service. For memorial services where a casket is not present, funeral wreaths are placed beside the urn or a picture frame of the deceased. After the service, the funeral wreath can be used as an adornment for the grave. 


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