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Double Headstones – Complete Guide


To remain together even in death, many couples choose to be buried next to one another and share a headstone. This kind of headstone, with two names, is called a double headstone.

What Is a Double Headstone?

Double Headstone with flowers
Source: Wallace’s headstone

A double headstone is used to mark two burial spaces beside each other or two burials interred on top of each other. They are called “double” for obvious reasons—the headstone displays two names and is large enough to represent two graves sites.

Most tombstones are available in single or double size. A double-sized headstone is also called a companion headstone. Tombstones and headstones mean the same thing.

For obvious reasons, double headstones are larger than a conventional single. This offers more surface area that can feature more text, images, symbols, illustrations, and other designs to best memorialize your loved ones. In addition, they are also much heavier and generally more expensive than the single variety.

Though most cemeteries allow the use of double gravestones, check with them about their specific requirements and guidelines. Cemeteries have strict rules about the size, style, and color that should be used on their premises, especially if the headstone is bought elsewhere.

Just like a typical single headstone, double headstones are available in many types, styles, colors, and designs. When buying, look for the design you want first and then ask if they are available in double sizes.

How Common Is a Double Headstone? 

two names on grave stone
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Many couples choose to share a double headstone because they want to stay with each other even after death.

Typically, the double headstone is made after one spouse dies and added to later.

The remaining space for the second spouse will be left blank. Once the surviving spouse dies, their details such as name, birth date, and date of death will be engraved onsite to complete the headstone.

Another option is to have the spouses name pre-engraved onto the stone. The date of death will be left blank and added later. (See the image above for an example.)

If the spouses will be buried next to each other, the husband is traditionally buried on the left side, while the wife is buried on the right (as viewed from the foot of the grave).

A double headstone is also suitable for siblings, parent and child, or any other two people who choose to be interred together.

Double Headstone Materials

Double gravestones are available in two commonly used materials: granite or bronze. 

Bronze headstones are more expensive than granite, although any engravings will cost about the same in both materials. When choosing, it really depends on your personal preference and budget.


Granite symbolizes durability and longevity. As one of the most beautiful and prestigious materials, it is the most durable natural stone to use for a headstone. Granite has been used to make memorial headstones for hundreds of years.

Gray is the most popular color for granite. But it is also available in many different color options, including brown, pink, red, and black. The more rare the color, the higher the price. Red and gray are most common, in general, and available in many subtle variations.


Another popular material choice for a headstone is bronze. It is appropriate for many different products and has long been used for memorialization.

Similar to granite, it is also durable and weathers nicely compared with other materials. Bronze headstones are cast and not chiseled, which makes it easier to add intricate detail and artwork to the base design.

Many statuaries that have been around for centuries were made of bronze. (Over time they develop a rich patina.)

Double Headstone Prices Broken Down By Type

Double headstones are available in several types: bevel, slant, and upright styles—same types as regular headstones. There are also lawn level double grave marker options available.

The type of headstone will affect the overall price as well as many other factors. Final price will also depend on material, text, artwork, and overall design.

Double Bevel Headstones 

Bevel headstones lay flat on the bottom like a pillow and slope from back to front. The back part is slightly higher and slopes down into the front of the marker. Because of the angle, a bevel headstone has a slight upright appearance.

You can expect a bevel headstone with a double size to costs between $849 to $1,300.

image of a double bevel granite headstone
City Monument Company

Double Slant Headstone 

A slant headstone stands upright on a base, sloping from the back towards the front. This creates the appearance of a tablet resting on a slab. Its base can be made of concrete or a similar style of granite. 

For double-sized slant headstones, the price ranges from $1,199 to $1,899. 

Example of double slant headstone on slab base
Double Slant Headstone on Base

Double Upright Headstone 

Upright headstones are the classic style of gravestones. They are typically composed of two pieces. The tall and upright piece is called the tablet or die. The block of stone supporting it is called the base. Both pieces usually have the same color for uniformity.

An upright headstone with a double size will range in price from $1,549 to $3,095.

Classic double upright grave stone
Classic Double Upright Headstone

Double Grave Markers (Flat Headstones)

Another option is double grave marker which has a lower profile. These are lawn-level markers that memorialize two persons in portrait orientation. Grave markers lay flat on the ground.

This type of grave marker costs around $1,600 to $2,350. 

lawn level double grave marker
Lawn level double grave marker


What is a double headstone?

A double headstone is a marker for two burial spaces beside or on top of each other. This type of headstone is larger than a typical single headstone and can feature more text, illustrations, symbols, and other designs. It is also usually used by couples who want to be together even in death.

How much does a double headstone cost?

The cost of a double headstone depends on the type, material, text, artwork, overall design, and several other factors. A bevel headstone (double) usually costs around $849 to $1,300. A double slant headstone ranges from $1,199 to $1,899. And a double upright headstone costs around $1,549 to $3,095. Lastly, a double grave marker costs around $1,600 to $2,350.

How wide is a double headstone?

A double headstone will be available in several sizes so it’s difficult to pinpoint a single width. However, many cemeteries have maximum requirements for the dimensions of a double headstone. For example, in one cemetery, the maximum width of the base of the tombstone is 78 inches and the maximum width of the tablet is 66 inches.

What can I write on a double headstone?

There is plenty of room for two names on a double headstone. You can also add an epitaph, symbols, artwork, portraits, and other design elements that you want as providing it complies cemetery policies. I


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