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Titan Casket – Company Review

What is Titan Casket and what do they do?

Titan Casket started in 2016 as a direct-to-consumer casket seller. Their products are available on several platforms, including the Titan website, Amazon and Walmart. The Siegel family started Titan Casket in response to a dinner conversation, at a time when they were dealing with the loss of loved ones and friends.

They idea was to modernize and disrupt the funeral industry—and they’re doing a great job! Titan has disrupted the industry and we recommend Titan Casket as our favorite online casket seller.

Mission Statement

Titan Casket was founded with a singular mission: to offer designer caskets at revolutionary prices, while driving affordability and transparency in the funeral industry.

About Us: The Titan Story

“By circumventing traditional channels, designing caskets in-house, and engaging with customers directly, we’re able to provide higher-quality, better-looking caskets with more variety, built in the USA, at a fraction of the going price.

“We believe that everyone has the right to a meaningful, memorable, and personalized funeral, without breaking the bank.”(Titan Casket’s Mission)

Disclaimer: in-Valhalla has partnered with Titan Casket to help support our services.

Products & Services

Titan Casket sells metal, wood, cloth, and wicker options in 15 different colors.

  • Great Prices
  • Free 2-6 day shipping
  • Expedited shipping available
  • Totally Customizable (Try their Design Your Own Custom Casket tool)
  • Great Customer Service
  • Made in the USA
  • Expedited Shipping Cost
  • Shipping Time


  • Titan can deliver anywhere: residence, funeral home, or any other facility
  • Service to the lower 48 states of America
  • Selection is relatively small, but you can design your own casket

Titan is an online business that specializes in manufacturing and shipping caskets. Their logistics and expertise mean they can offer prices that are much lower than you will find at funeral homes.

We have researched the options and concluded that Titan offers the best products, customer service, and easiest experience among online casket sellers. Use our research to save time, money, and energy. We are confident in Titan.

At the time of publication, Titan Casket is not registered with the Better Business Bureau. (No reason for concern, it would just be a plus.)

Titan works with Affirm to allow consumers to pay for their casket by installments.

How Much Does a Titan Casket Cost?

Titan prices are competitive with the lowest options anywhere. Standard steel caskets begin under $1,000. The Titan Era series is their most expensive line, with the Bronze Stainless Steel priced at $1,999. Their most expensive casket overall is the Rustic Oak (check the price).

What is Titan Care?

Titan Care is a program offered by Titan Caskets that allows you to preplan your funeral expenses. You can use Titan Care for just the casket or the entire funeral. The process involves product selection, a no-pressure consultation, and payment. Plans range from time of purchase all the way up to 10 years or more.

You can learn more here.

Titan Return Policy

It may seem strange to consider returning a casket. But it is comforting to know that the return policy is 30 days with a 30% restocking fee plus shipping. On products over $1,000, 30% can be substantial. However, the 30% charge is common across the industry.

Titan Casket Alternatives

Trusted Caskets

Trusted Caskets is a very similar alternative.

They offer similar caskets at similar prices. However, we prefer Titan’s customer service, perspective, and simpler website and catalogue. Also, Titan offers more options for customization.

Trusted Caskets places more emphasis on ordering by phone, and have a wider selection of wooden caskets.

Best Price Caskets

BEWARE. Their license has been revoked by the Better Business Bureau for failure to response to customer complaints.

They rank really well in Google search results, which is why they are included on this list—but their website is from a long, long time ago. Their selection is extensive, and also offer a variety of urns.

Overnight Caskets

Overnight Caskets is another alternative.

They have a large selection of caskets, headstones, and burial vaults, with a focus on metal caskets.

If you are struggling to find a particular design from Titan Casket, peruse Overnight Caskets’ catalog.


What does Titan Casket sell?

They sell caskets, of course: metal, wood, cloth, and wicker caskets in 15 different colors. They also offer cremation containers, headstones, and flowers.

How much does a Titan Caskets cost?

Their caskets range from under $700 to $2,499 at the time of writing this article. The range in prices has to do with material, customizations, and styling.

Is Titan Casket expensive?

Compared to funeral homes, definitely not. Compared to other online casket sellers, they are average to below-average. However, we like them for more than just their prices!

Is Titan Casket the best choice?

We think so. We have researched the options and feel that Titan offers the best products, customer service, and easiest experience of all the casket sellers online. Their selection is relatively small, but you can design your own casket.

Who are Titan Casket’s competitors?

Alternatives to Titan include Trusted Casket, Fast Caskets, Overnight Caskets, and Best Price Caskets. Also, you should consider your local funeral home as a competitor, though their prices will be much higher than any other retailer listed here.

Can you pay for caskets with installments?

Titan Casket allows you to pay for purchase by installments. They work with Affirm to allow consumers to make installment payments.


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