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Casket Sprays – Best Arrangements & Where to Buy


Flowers add a comforting element to a challenging time.

One of the most important flower arrangements at a funeral is the casket spray. It is a floral display prominently displayed directly on the casket.

Choosing the perfect casket spray can be an overwhelming task. This article will help you find the most suitable spray for your loved one.

What Is A Casket Spray?

A casket spray is a floral arrangement used to decorate the top of the casket.

It can be laid across the entire casket or the unopened half of a casket.

Casket sprays are usually made of fresh greens and flowers. After the burial, it is customary to leave the casket spray on top of the gravesite.

A casket spray is typically one of the most beautiful and largest funeral floral arrangements present at a service. They add beauty and elegance to the casket, as well as a lovely fragrance to a funeral service.

Special types: a casket blanket is a piece of fabric with flowers attached that drapes over the coffin and may cascade t the floor. A casket scarf is similar but will only cover a small part of the casket and may not reach the floor.

Choosing a Casket Spray

A casket spray is usually chosen based on the tastes of the person who died. 

Caskets sprays are available in a variety of styles, sizes and a wide open price range. This allows for unlimited options to best match your budget to the perfect sentiment. 

When choosing a casket spray, you might begin with your loved one’s favorite flower and colors. For more inspiration, consider style. Funeral flowers can set the tone and affect the mood of the service.

Are you looking for bold and colorful, subtle and reserved, calming or whimsical? Consider the feeling you want represented and how the deceased will be remembered. Even the circumstances of the moment may effect your choice.

Other considerations include the surroundings. Consider the color and style of the casket as well as the mood and environment where the service will take place.

Lastly, seasonality can affect your final decision. Your first choice may not be available at the time. In this case the supplier can suggest similar designs.

We provide a more thorough review later in the article, but if you’re looking to buy a casket spray, Florist One is our top choice.

Who Buys the Casket Spray? 

Traditionally, the immediate family is responsible for ordering the spray that is draped on top of the casket. It is most commonly chosen by the spouse, parents, siblings, or children. 

The flowers are chosen as part of a large number of other decisions made for the funeral. Whoever is leading that front will likely choose the flowers.


Choosing the casket spray is commonly reserved for the members of the deceased’s family. This is based on funeral service etiquette. These are just general guidelines that have evolved over time that are observed out of respect.

Funeral etiquette —especially with flowers—follows a hierarchical structure. This structure relies on the relationship to the deceased.  

In practice, the closer your relationship with the deceased, the closer the flowers you provide will be placed to the body at the service.

The immediate family has priority to choose flower arrangement that rests on top of the casket.

Sympathy flowers are a popular funeral tradition. These are arrangements that are placed farther from the body of the deceased, urn (if cremated), or headstone (if burial). Arrangements might also take the form of baskets and funeral wreaths.

Placements depend on the relationship of the sender to the deceased. This funeral etiquette is out of respect for the bereaved family.

Casket Spray Designs 

Casket sprays are available in many styles, varying sizes and the types of flowers used.

The purpose of the flower arrangement is to honor the memory of your loved one. It serves to add beauty, brightness, and elegance to a somber occasion.

When choosing flowers, consider the:

  • Preferences of the deceased
  • Type of flower
  • Color of the flower
  • Fragrance of the flow
  • Color and design of the casket
  • Surroundings
  • Size and placement of the arrangement

Establish a budget and consider a variety of designs, colors, and styles before making your final decision. We’ve gathered a variety of suggested designs to inspire you .

Casket Sprays By Casket Design 

When purchasing a casket spray, one decision will be half couch or full couch spray. The casket design will determine which type of casket spray will work best.

What’s the difference between a half and full couch casket?

A half couch design opens in two sections. This allows the lid to be partially open. During the funeral, normally the torso and head are visible while the lower half of the body remains closed. Most caskets are half couch.

Full couch caskets have only one upper section and the whole body is visible when the lid is open.

Full couch casket sprays are placed in the middle of the casket while half-couch casket sprays are laid on the bottom half of the casket. Because it is meant to decorate the entirety of the casket, a full couch spray is generally larger than a half-couch variant.

Best Full Couch Casket Sprays

Best Half Couch Casket Sprays

Flowers for Casket Sprays 

In choosing a casket spray, one of the first decisions is the main flower to be used in the arrangement. Two common choices are roses and carnations

Other types of flowers used in casket sprays are daisies, tulips, snapdragons, lilies, and sunflowers.

A casket spray may feature a single type of flower or a combination of two or more. It may also include green foliage that add color and texture. 

Funeral Flower Meanings

When choosing the right kind of flower, think about what would be meaningful to your loved one.

If your loved one did not have a favorite, you can choose among different types based on your own preferences and the meanings and emotions associated with each type.

Here are some of the most popular flowers used for casket sprays and the special meanings they convey:

Type of FlowerAssociated Meaning
Roselove and respect
Carnation innocence, pure love (white); “I’ll never forget you” (pink)
Daisiesinnocence and hope
Tulippassion, declaration of love (red); sunshine in your smile (yellow)
Liliesbeauty, grace, peace, and dignity

Casket Spray Ideas 

Your loved one will inspire the final casket spray design.

Disclaimer: Family dynamics and relationships cannot be assumed. Furthermore, in a modern world the idea of gender color stereotyping (i.e. “Blue is for boys and pink is for girls”) is a thing of the past.

With that in mind, below is a collection purely meant to inspire your own designs.

Casket Sprays for Mom 

Finding the perfect floral display should make you confident in the way your loved one is memorialized.

Suitable casket sprays for mothers often feature light and bright colors such as red and purple. Popular flower choices are red roses or pink and white carnations.

Lavender Tribute Casket Spray from Teleflora
Florist One White Casket Spray
Resurrection Casket Spray from Florist One

Generally, floral arrangements with a touch of pink, red, purple, and white are top choices of casket sprays for a Moms and woman.

Casket Sprays for Dad 

There are also masculine floral arrangements that are perfect to honor fathers.

Casket sprays with strong designs are beautiful tributes to fathers. It can resemble the strength that they had in life. In this case, a spray that has a solid color is suitable.

All-red roses can always be used to symbolize your love for anyone. You can also choose white calla lilies to express serenity and peace in the funeral service.

Red Mixed Half Casket Cover from From You Flowers
Pink Casket Spray
Memories in Pink Casket Spray from Florist One

Casket Sprays for a Brother 

They say a brother is a friend given by nature. Regardless if he is younger or older, a brother is a great defender, always willing to lend a hand.

To symbolize this love and natural friendship, you can pick yellow flowers as a tribute to his memory. The bright and colorful hue is very fitting to honor a brother and the joy he has brought into your life.

Golden Garden Casket Spray
Golden Garden Casket Spray from Teleflora

There are also other styles to choose from. For instance, fall colors in casket sprays are very suitable for men. And the universal symbol for love, red flowers are suitable for a brother.

Casket Sprays for a Sister

A sister is a great friend, and the bond of great sisterhood cannot be broken.

A great way to honor a sister is to pick a simple and sweet casket spray. You can choose among a wide variety of color schemes, but the most popular choices are sprays with pink and purple colors. It serves as a cheerful and bright display to celebrate the influence that your sister had on you.

Sweetly Rest Casket Spray
Sweetly Rest Casket Spray from Florist One
In Her Honor Casket Spray
In Her Honor Casket Spray from From You Flowers

Another perfect option is a casket spray made of all-white flowers. This color is universal, and it is appropriate for both women and men.

Where to Buy a Casket Spray 

We recommend Florist One for anyone planning a funeral in the United States (including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico) and Canada. Outside of North America, From You Flowers and Teleflora both have broader global delivery options. They are also have some more affordable options if you have a smaller budget.

Florist One

Casket spray prices from Florist One ranges from $224.95 to $429.95. For same-day delivery, simply place your order before 1:00 PM in the recipient’s time zone and it will arrive in time for the funeral service. Florist One also ships internationally.


This flower retailer offers a wide range of casket sprays ranging from $109.24 to $479.99. If you need the casket spray at the last minute, Teleflora offers same-day delivery. They also deliver internationally – 160 countries. 

From You Flowers 

The price of caskets sprays from From You Flowers ranges from $103.99 to $395.99. They also deliver to 160 different countries. If you want near instant delivery, just place your order before their cut-off time and the flowers will arrive the same day the order is placed.

How To Make A Casket Spray Yourself

Ever thought of making your own casket spray? All you need are the flowers and an idea. This process, (like building a casket), can be an effective grieving method for family and friends.


What are the flowers called that go on top of the casket?

Casket spray refers to the flowers that are laid on top of a casket. Depending on style, they might also be called a casket blanket, casket scarf or just casket flowers.

What are casket sprays?

Casket sprays are flower arrangements used to decorate the top of a casket.

Who buys the casket spray?

Immediate family members generally choose and purchase the casket spray. It is funeral etiquette that flower position follows a hierarchy out of respect. The closer the relationship to the deceased the closer the flowers are placed.

How much does a casket spray cost?

The price of a casket spray usually ranges from $100 to $480 depending on the type of flower used, style, size, as well as the flower retailer itself. We recommend Florist One. Read our review above.

What do I need to make a casket spray?

To make your own casket spray, you will need flowers, a casket saddle (material such as burlap)and possibly foam blocks.

How big should a casket spray be?

It depends on the casket being used. For an open casket service, a half-couch casket spray is usually the choice. If it will be a closed casket funeral, a full-couch casket spray (the larger variant) is usually the answer.


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