Author: Rome Thorstenson

White Caskets – Best Options Reviewed & Rated

If you want a white casket for your loved one, but you feel overwhelmed about where to start, this article is meant for you. With four different companies and caskets reviewed, we hope this information helps make your search a little easier. We use the word “casket” and not “coffin” in this article. While often […]

Burying Cremains (Cremated Remains) – Complete Guide

Many people choose to scatter ashes (cremains). But another common option for the final disposition of your loved one’s cremated remains is burial. Urns can be interred underground just like caskets. Cremains is a word that has evolved from the combination of ‘cremated’ and ‘remains’ and refers to the residual matter left after cremation. Burial […]

Steel Caskets – Complete Guide

Steel caskets are the most popular choice for funerals. Even though there are several other types of caskets such as wood, wicker, bronze or copper, steel caskets dominate the market. In this article, you’ll find out why steel caskets and so popular and if they are appropriate for your funeral service. Read more to find […]

Blue Caskets – Best Options Reviewed & Rated

Caskets come in all different colors, but perhaps one of the most elegant forms is a blue casket. We’ll use the word “casket” and not “coffin” in this article. While they are often used interchangeably, the have different meanings. Where’s the Best Place to Buy a Blue Casket? The best place to shop for a […]

Red Caskets  – Best Options Reviewed & Rated

Red is a bold color, often used to make a statement. It can be used to represent love, passion, and strength. If this color represents your loved one, a red casket is perfect for their burial vessel. We have curated the top three red caskets available online, in addition to everything you need to know […]

Best Funeral Prayers for Funeral Cards & Tributes

Funeral prayers can be a source of peace, hope, and encouragement for families and friends as they grieve the passing of a loved one. It is through prayer that mourners can express their faith and seek reassurance. Below is a collection of prayers and verses that you might include in a funeral card or tribute. […]

Casket Sizes – Complete Guide to Interior and Exterior Dimensions

Before the mass production of caskets, caskets were usually custom-built to the dimensions of the deceased. Now, almost all traditional caskets come in three main sizes: standard, oversized, and child casket. Note: Though the words “casket” and “coffin” are often used interchangeably, they actually mean two different things. We will will not use the word […]

Rental Caskets – Complete Guide + Pricing

Did you know you could rent a casket? You can. If you are planning a funeral service for your loved one but cannot afford to purchase a traditional casket (or just want to consider a more affordable option), rental caskets are a great option. Rental caskets have become more popular in the past decade because […]

Cardboard Caskets – Complete Guide + Pricing

If you are looking for a modest casket option for a simple funeral or cremation, you should consider buying a cardboard casket. They are a low-cost and eco-friendly alternative to traditional caskets. Although they are made of a simple material, cardboard caskets have a lot to offer in terms of durability, style, sustainability, and value […]