Author: Rome Thorstenson

Coffin Vs Casket – The Real Answer

No need to waste time, we’ll get right into it. Prepare to learn the differences and similarities between caskets and coffins. in Valhalla What’s the Difference Between Caskets & Coffins? The short answer is the shape: caskets are rectangular and coffins are hexagonal. Caskets have been more common in the US since the mid 19th […]

Funeral Flower Guide – How to Choose Floral Arrangements For a Funeral

Flowers play an important role in funeral tradition. Flowers and floral arrangements can be used to convey different emotions and express many feelings. In this article we discuss different types of funeral flowers, arrangements, and colors that can be used to honor your loved one and express sympathy for the family of the deceased. Types […]

Green Cremation – What is it? Why Should I Consider it?

Green cremation is a modern way to perform cremation—and it is gaining popularity. It is similar to traditional cremation, reducing human remains to ashes and bone fragments. The difference is, green cremation does not use a flame. Read more to find out how the process works, environmental benefits, and why it might be the best […]

Casket Prices – Buyer’s Guide + Price Calculator

Casket prices vary depending on many factors. Materials, construction, options, and source all play a part. The goal of this article is to help you understand how much a casket might cost and explain what you are investing in. We hope to make this process easier for you during this difficult time. What you can […]

Old and New Testament Readings For Funerals

For some people, the word of God can help find peace and consolation. Searching the old and new testament for inspiration is a daunting task. Here is a list of the most popular testament readings for funerals. Let it guide you to finding the perfect words for your loved one. While reviewing the selections, listen […]

Full Couch or Half Couch Casket? How to Choose

There are a wide range of casket styles to choose from. One of the first decisions is whether you want a half couch or a full couch casket. Most people choose half-couch without knowing the difference, but full couch caskets are available in most models. In this article, you will find out the main differences […]

Best Headstone Cleaners – Review & Guide to Cleaning Monuments

Over time, a headstone may weather and accumulate stains. While some feel this adds to the charm of the gravestone, many people would prefer its pristine condition. The good news is that you don’t have to hire professional cleaners or replace the headstone. You can do this yourself using some materials that are accessible and […]

Writing Obituaries – Complete Guide With Examples

Writing can be intimidating. And words may be especially hard to find in times of grief. But writing an obituary can be a comforting and cathartic process. It will give you the chance to reflect on a loved one’s life and sharing their story is one of the best ways to honor their memory. This […]