Funeral Programs: Printing, Costs, and Options


One of the many things that you need to prepare for a funeral or memorial service is the funeral program. The funeral program is meant to help the mourners remember the person who died. 

In this article, you will find out the different options about how you can print this important document. As you read through, you will also know where you can get the best printing services, as well as the real costs.

What Is a Funeral Program?


funeral program is a brochure that features the details of the funeral program. The funeral program is distributed to the attendees of the funeral and it guides the mourners on what will happen throughout the service. Funeral programs are also referred to as the funeral booklet, funeral brochure, or order of service.

Aside from indicating what will happen in the funeral service, a funeral program is also printed with tributes for the deceased. Funeral programs often have photos, obituariespoems, prayers, and lyrics of songs that honor the person who died. There may be a short biography about the deceased, as well as details about the following services that will take place after the funeral. 

Funeral programs can be kept by the attendees as memorial keepsakes. With a funeral program, mourners can read through the life story of the deceased and keep it as their remembrance. 

Printing the Funeral Program

You have many options in printing the funeral programs. You can either:

  • Print the funeral programs at home
  • Print the funeral programs using a self-service copier
  • Use professional funeral printing services 

Printing the Funeral Program Yourself

Laptop and Printer

You can always print the funeral programs yourself if you have a home printer or you can go to a nearby self-service copier. This is a good option if you have the time, skills, and access to a printer. Printing the funeral program yourself would also help you save money.

Professional Printing Services

It is important to keep in mind that there are a lot of pieces that go into planning a funeral on top of the grieving. Funerals come together immediately after the passing of a loved one, so there is always a time crunch. In addition to the other things that you need to prepare for a funeral arrangement, printing the funeral program could take too much time and effort. We understand that losing a loved one can be overwhelming, so it can make sense to delegate this kind of task to a professional. 

In this case, the best option is to use printing services for a funeral program. When you use printing services, you just simply have to give them the information about the funeral and they can design and print it for you within a short time. You can also send them your own template, in case you are fond of designing the funeral program yourself.

Why Use Printing Services?

In taking advantage of printing services for funeral programs, you avoid stressing yourself about the design, plus the necessary layouts, sizes, types of paper, ink, and printer.

Getting the help of a professional ensures the program will do what it’s meant to: act as a physical memorial for attendants to appreciate at the services and take home with them.

Where to Get Funeral Printing Services

Many professional printing services operate online. Some of them specialize in funeral programs. These funeral printing services are experienced creating, printing, and delivering funeral programs on a quick timeline. 

If you cannot design the funeral program yourself, many online printing services also offer both design and printing services. They make sure that each funeral program is expertly designed and completed within a fast turn-around time. Above all, professional printing services make sure that you receive high-quality funeral brochures. 

Below are some of the best funeral printing services you can take advantage of online:

  • Fast Funeral Printing
  • Vistaprint
  • Funeral Prints

Fast Funeral Printing

Fast Funeral Printing is focused, as the name would suggest, exclusively on funeral printing services. This company is aware of the high funeral costs that families have to bear, so they make sure that their funeral programs are affordable. The cost for the funeral program template and the cost for printing is condensed into one price. Fast Funeral Printing also prints funeral bookmarks, guestbooks, prayer cards, and cards.

To place an order, you simply need to:

  • Choose your preferred theme for your loved one’s funeral program. 
  • Input the required details about your loved one. Their website has samples to help you organize the information in the funeral program template.
  • Check out and pay for the funeral product. Within 24 hours from the time of your order, Fast Funeral Printing will ship the funeral program to your address. 


Vistaprint offers professional-looking funeral and memorial invitations. They have different design options for you to choose from. After selecting your favorite template, you can then customize the photos, message, and even the font for the front and back sides. 

If you prepare your own design for the funeral program, Vistaprint also prints your own design template. If you need help from a professional to design the program according to your taste, you can take advantage of their design services where they can custom design a funeral program for an additional fee. 

Vistaprint makes sure your funeral invitations arrive within three business days. They also print internationally.

Vistaprint offers many other products for different occasions such as holiday cards, wedding invitations, business cards, stationery, and many more. 

Funeral Prints

Funeral Prints is a company specializing in printed funeral products. They offer an extensive selection of funeral program designs that are available in 4-page or 8-page templates. The templates feature different layouts and backgrounds that let you add photos of the deceased, an obituary, funeral readings, poems, and lyrics to funeral songs. 

Each design is fully customizable. In case you need a certain theme, the funeral program can be customized according to different religions, landscapes, and background. 

You can expect that the funeral program looks high-quality because it is printed on a gloss text paper. The design for the funeral program from Funeral Prints is 8.5 x 5.5 inches.

In case you need the funeral programs immediately, if you place your order before 3 PM EST, so it can be mailed to you on the same day. 

How Much Does It Cost to Print Funeral Programs?

A four-page funeral program (half-fold) with a size of 8.5 x 11 inches costs around $75 to $145 for 50 copies. 

For eight-page funeral programs with the same size and quantity, it ranges from $200 to $245. 

These costs are from online funeral printing companies that offer both the design and print services for a funeral program.

You might be thinking whether it would be cheaper if you just buy a funeral program template and print it yourself at home than using professional printing services. That is the common assumption. However, using funeral printing services can actually save you more money. 

According to Fast Funeral Printing, using printing services for funeral programs can help you save as much as $60. Here’s how they explained it:

For instance, the standard funeral template is $40.00, and let’s say you need 100 programs and have a typical laser printer. The average ink cartridge is $10 per color and will print 325 pages at 5% ink coverage, but the average template is designed with 50% ink coverage, reducing your yield to just 32 pages per ink cartridge set. 

So in a typical situation, your ink would cost you 3 sets of ink, or $120.00 total, not including what it costs to go buy the cartridges, let’s say $5.00 plus the paper you need (another $5.00). 

So your total cost is around $170.00. The fastfuneralprinting.com price is 98.00 + shipping, that’s a $60.00 savings.”

Each company prices their funeral programs differently. Don’t forget to factor in the shipping fees depending on your location.

Things to Consider When Printing Funeral Programs

Regardless of where you finally decide to print your funeral programs, you have to take note of some considerations first:

  1. Choose the format. Funeral programs can be printed into different numbers of pages and fold. It can be a single sheet flyer, bi-fold, tri-fold, et cetera. Choose a funeral program with more pages if you want to add more photos and text. 
  2. Decide on the type of paper. Whether you will print it yourself or avail of professional printing services, you can choose which type of paper to use for your funeral program. Some printing companies let you choose between glossy or matte paper. 
  3. Carefully select what you will add to the funeral program. Aside from the details about the funeral service itself, the funeral program can feature photos of the deceased, an obituary, quotes, Bible passages, poems, readings, prayers, and many more. A funeral program may have a limited space depending on the format and template that you will choose. Try to decide with your family about what you think would be best to add to the funeral program of your loved one. 


Where can I print a funeral program?

You can print a funeral program by yourself using a home printer, through a local copy shop, or professional printing services. It is the best option to choose funeral printing services because they offer design templates and printing in one. Printing services also save you a lot of time. Instead of stressing about designing and printing the funeral programs yourself, you can just let the professionals handle the project. Many printing companies ship out the funeral programs within the same day after you place the order.

How much does it cost to print funeral programs?

A four-page funeral program (half-fold) with a size of 8.5 x 11 inches costs around $75 to $145 for 50 pieces. For eight-page funeral programs with the same size and quantity, it ranges from $200 to $245. 

What is the standard size for a funeral program?

Funeral programs are usually printed on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper and then folded in half. The final funeral program would then become a four-page brochure with a size of 8.5 x 5.5 inches after being folded. 

What kind of paper is used for funeral programs?

Funeral programs are usually printed on thick glossy paper. This type of paper will make an excellent opaque base with rich colors when printed. The standard weight of the paper used in funeral programs is 100#. 


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