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51 Best Funeral Hymns

Music can inspire, comfort, and uplift family and friends while they celebrate a lost loved one. Here is an inspiring list of funeral hymns to help you choose the best music (hymns) for your funeral service. Choosing Funeral Hymns Music is an important part of the funeral liturgy. It unites the mourners in heart and […]

Funeral Flower Guide – How to Choose Floral Arrangements For a Funeral

Flowers play an important role in funeral tradition. Flowers and floral arrangements can be used to convey different emotions and express many feelings. In this article we discuss different types of funeral flowers, arrangements, and colors that can be used to honor your loved one and express sympathy for the family of the deceased. Types […]

Favorite Funeral Readings

Choosing the best funeral reading to honor your loved one is a daunting task. You may be overcome with emotion and there is an added pressure of time. This collection of popular readings for funerals will help you quickly and easily select a tribute that is both appropriate and meaningful for your loved one.  Popular […]